Thursday, July 12, 2012

Short video presentation

Here's a video of the short presentation Sheila Lowe recently gave on the decline of cursive writing and what you can do to help

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  1. At one point, Sheila's video displays, as evidence for cursive, the handwriting of two children born without hands. One of those samples — the second in that slide  — is printed. (It's by first-grader Annie Clark, who also appears at the start of the video). Since Annie's excellent sample is not in any cursive style (no letters connect), why is it being used as evidence for cursive? 
         (The rules of the contest she won specifically limit competition to users of the Zaner-Bloaer handwriting program, which doesn't allow cursive till Grade 2 at the earliest — when Annie wrote her sample, she was still in Grade 1. How is being taught to print — and becoming very good at it, despite obstacles — any evidence at all for cursive?)