Thursday, December 6, 2012

Why learning cursive is so important

Here's another blogsite whose message dovetails perfectly with our own. We strongly recommend reading this post:


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  2. If that's an article on "why learning cursive is so important," why is cursive never mentioned in the article or depicted in its illustrations? The handwriting that's illustrated in the piece is printing, not cursive at all. Please explain how you decided that an article which illustrates print-writing, and is not about cursive at all, is about "why learning cursive is so important."

  3. Thanks for linking this blog about the importance of handwriting.

    While Kate Gladstone is of course, impeccably correct in informing us all that the blog doesn't include or even reference cursive; it is actually deeply informative about what it is about, which is the vital importance of pre-cursive handwriting.

    As someone who teaches art to young children, I enjoy redirecting their focus from technological products to crayons, pens, pastels and paper. And in my experience, children who have repeated exposure to 'handedness' as Trevor Cainey so eloquently terms it, those children grow up with vivid imaginations, great relationships with words and a level of communication skills that they just cannot access typing on computers...

    Thanks for sharing and, I do in fact, see it as a welcome accompaniment to Campaign For Cursive.