Thursday, July 25, 2013

Why teach handwriting in the digital age?

Check out this article for some answers.

Several comments appear from a person who is often quoted as if they were credentialed as a handwriting expert when this is not the case. People who give themselves a big presence on the internet by commenting on one blog after the other are often seen as knowing what they are talking about. One wonders how much research is done by those who write articles when they are searching for someone to talk to on each side of an issue, whatever that issue may be.


  1. while i invite criticism for confessing i have not followed the link, the reason i have not is the same as my answer to the question:

    regardless of our willingness to acknowledge the objective truth about the future solar event that will knock out the planet's electronics, that solar storm is indeed on the horizon. all the iPads in the world won't help Dick and Jane find Spot... much for the galactic elephant in the room, let's talk about the systemic creation of an intellectual underclass that not only cannot compete in the top 20 of any category (, and why no one should have to explain to any but the most unconscious why human beings need to be able to communicate in an organised, codified, generally understood written manner.

    1. it won't let me edit, and i see a lost fragment:

      i think i meant to say something about not being able to compete in the overall 3 main ed categories, but being forever doomed to needing assistance with everything not printed or written in [capitalised] sans-serif.

      when the peasants cannot read the laws that govern them, they become 100% dependent upon the better angels of the aristocrats whom benefit most from [our] servitude, and our founding LIVING laws were penned not only in cursive, but a highly stylised calligraphy that even now gives many literate citizens difficulty here and there.

      i am confused as to why more republican-voting people are not angry and frightened about this--it's their kids in the crosshairs.

    2. Rachelle, of course we agree with you on all points.