Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Slow Death of Cursive article

contributed by Iris Hatfield:

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  1. The most touching moment for me in this article is where the 13 year old son can't read his own mother's clear cursive note.

    It's sad that as much as 80% of today's public school educated children may not be able to read a personal handwritten letter from older generations.

    A friend recently shared with me how she treasures her grandmother's letters to her grandfather while he was serving in World War II. When I told her about how cursive writing is being eliminated as a standard class, she was horrified to imagine her daughter growing up unable to read these lovely testaments to family, love, and a historically fascinating time in our country's history.

    Thanks for posting the article. I look forward to sharing it with parents who are beginning to consider schools for their children.