Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A new book by Philip Hensher on the importance of handwriting.


  1. What a gorgeously written article! As I type this on my keyboard, I dearly wish I could be commending Philip Henscher's writing with my Pilot Precise Rolling Ball pen which sits right next to my keyboard.

    His tips for keeping writing alive are to be passed around and treasured. In his honor, I'm going to handwrite a birthday card to a good friend.

    Whenever I find a note or letter from one of my departed parents, I stop in my tracks. Their handwriting is as distinct and personal as their voices, and when I see their scrawls on a page it's as if, even for a moment, they are alive again.

  2. You misspelled the author's surname. It's "Hensher" — no "c."

  3. How fortunate we are, Kate, to have you to point out such errors.